What makes this particular type of bibliography different is the fact that the writer of the bibliographies uses them to study books and other literary works in detail. They may include additional information such as information about booksellers and printers of the mentioned works. Information such as the description of paper and binding, or the issues that came about as the book evolved in the initial stages, from a manuscript to a published book are also studied.

How an Annotated Bibliography Is Created
  • search for relevant sources3 min / source
  • skim through the referencefrom 7 min / source
  • read info about the authorfrom 4 min / source
  • write an annotationfrom 6 min / source
  • format the referencefrom 2 min / source
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Analytical bibliographies are further divided into historical, descriptive and textual bibliographies. But sometimes it’s not so easy to detect what a bibliography type you’ve found. This branch of the bibliographic discipline examines the material features of a textual artifact. These features include the type, ink, paper, imposition, format, impressions and states of a book. The features have the sole purpose of recreating the conditions of its production process. The writer of the bibliography makes use of knowledge gained from the investigation of physical evidence in the form of a descriptive bibliography or textual bibliography.

format of bibliography history

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How to Write an Analytical Bibliography on Your Own

There are a couple of guidelines which must be adhered to while writing an analytical bibliography. Our analytical bibliography example takes care of all this and puts the guidelines and features in very clear form. It is also written in the right format of bibliography. Some of them are listed below

  • analytical bibliography exampleImpressed symbols which are letters and words are treated in a physical and not in a literary way. This basically means that the approach is practical rather than academic, with emphasis on observation rather than lectures.
  • Technical investigation is carried out on printing of specific books, or of general printing practice, based exclusively on the books themselves, not ignoring, however , what helpful correlation may be linked with collateral evidence.
  • Collateral evidence such as general printing practices, trends in format, responses and non-responses to design is used to scrutinize the historical conventions as well as influences underlying the physical appearance of a text.
  • This bibliography type reveals the details of early printing technology. This entails the history and evolution of printing.
  • It also has the power to uncover facts about now-lost manuscripts that served as copy for the typeset texts. Topics studied under analytical bibliography include skeleton forms, press figures, type recurrence, chain lines and watermarks, standing type and multiple impositions, shared printing, woodcut and type wear, forgeries as well as the use and limitations of facsimiles and mechanical collation aids.

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