Annotated Bibliography vs. Reference List: Who Wins?

You do research or write an article, you do need some sources to help you in generating ideas. Of course, everyone wants to avoid plagiarism and to avoid it, you need to cite the sources you have used and borrowed. But the question is how do you cite your sources? Do you use an annotated bibliography helper? And what is the difference between annotated bibliography and reference list?

Interesting Facts about Annotated Bibliography

  • The part when you list all the sources is an ancient origin
  • “Bibliography” has been used to describe books as corporal objects
  • Annotation is a short summary of the law
  • Annotation is a note or a commentary on a section of a book
  • Because of the introduction to printing, modern bibliography began
  • There is an international institute of Bibliography in Brussels

Difference between Reference List and Annotated Bibliography

Apa annotated bibliography citations vs pa reference list citation : Having a hard time in choosing which one? First, it is important to comprehend what those two are and which is better. An annotated bibliography is a list of all the sources from any works, documents, books or journals you have used plus a short summary, the annotation. Its purpose is to let the reader know the relevance and accuracy of the source that has been cited.
While the reference list is a list of the sources that have been cited in-text in your work. If you have been wondering what to use, it depends on you. But mostly, people would prefer annotated bibliography instead of reference list because it shows the quality more of the source and it is much clearer.

Various Formats for Annotated Bibliography and Reference List

There are many styles in formatting your bibliography and reference list. The styles include the MLA format, the APA format, Harvard citation and also Oxford referencing.

Annotated bibliography in MLA format

(Author. Title of source. Title of container. Other contributors. Version. Number. Publisher. Publication date. Location.)

Annotated Bibliography in APA format example

“Chan Ka-yan. Life on the Mahjong table. China, May 2010

Mahjong isn’t just a fun game but it also reveals a person’s personality. Even Chinese societies, it can be reflected in how it changed for the past years. During the Qing dynasty, mahjong originally became popular in the southern Yangtze region; it was usually played by upper-class men because it is a more intelligent kind of entertainment. As a matter of fact, Mahjong became the way of social bonding in Chinese cultures.”

Reference list in MLA format

Last name. First name. Title. Publisher, Publication date

Reference list in APA format example

“Alexander Burgemeester. Some important narcissistic leaders in History. 2016. Retrieved from The Narcissistidlife

There are not much of a difference between annotated bibliography and reference list except that, the annotated bibliography has much more components. Also if you look at the APA annotated bibliography vs APA reference list citation, the annotated bibliography has a summary.

Formatting tips For Annotated Bibliography and Reference List

Annotated Bibliography

  • The paper should have one-inch margin and the entire document should be double spaced
  • The title of the page should be on the center
  • All citations should start on the left side
  • If there will be long citations, indent the next lines one-half inch from the first one

Reference List

  • Include the title ‘References’
  • Indent it
  • Double-space between references
  • Authors should be alphabetically placed
  • Remove underlines from all the links

The difference between the reference list and annotated bibliography can make it confusing for you. If you want to evaluate and reflect on the sources you just have gathered, you might want to use the annotated bibliography instead of the reference list. But if you have in-text citations on your paragraphs, you also might want to make a reference list for it.

Take time to think about which one to use. Think about the most convenient one. Think about the style that really works for you.

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