The annotated bibliography writing service or our annotated bibliography generator is a big help for students looking to accomplish their annotated bibliographies in no time. Before highlighting the benefits of using a professional service, let’s talk about what an annotated bibliography is. It is a citation list of the article, journals, books and documents you’ve used in your research. Every citation highlights a 150-word brief description or evaluation paragraph, which is the annotation. Such provides readers an insight and information about the accuracy, relevance, and quality of the sources used in the study.

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If you’re given the assignment to create a custom annotated bibliography, you should know exactly how you get started. Remember that an annotation isn’t an abstract, which summarizes a website, a book or an article and purely descriptive. Today, we’d highlight the types of citation styles for an overview of its guidelines in the citation.

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4 Most Popular Citation Styles

annotated bibliography writing services

APA Annotated Bibliography

The American Psychological Association, or APA, is a common citation style used by those in the field of social sciences. When asked to do annotated bib using it, you must take note of several guidelines in formatting this type of paper. Some guidelines of this style require the paper to be of a standard size with an inch margin on all sides. The major page sections are a title page, abstract, main body, and references. When you buy annotated bibliography from the pros, they can create the required annotated bib formats using the APA style.

The annotated bib somehow resembles the Works Cited Page, but it includes an annotation under every source. It is written as a summary or a source’s critical evaluation. These bibs can be a stand-alone report or a part of a research paper.

MLA Annotated Bibliography

This is the style of the Modern Language Association, which is commonly used in reference for the humanities and arts fields. The most updated version is the 12th edition. Citing sources using the style requires entering the information in the following order: Author, source title, container title, other contributors, version, number, publisher, publication date, and location. Each component must be followed by a punctuation mark.

Chicago Annotated Bibliography

CMS covers a wide range of subjects and topics. It may include publication of grammar usage, manuscript preparation, and other types of documentation. It’s been always known as the editor’s bible. CMS can also be used by history, literature and other branches of arts.

For the general guidelines, the annotations can take some forms. It can be summarizing the qualifications of the author, arguments and research methods. The bib can also be only descriptive. The annotation can also be evaluative of the article or book quality, but you may also want to write or consider the arguments and evidence presented. The findings to be made can be mixed, positive or negative.

Turabian Annotated Bibliography

Using Turabian style annotated bibliography, you need to follow the basics when using the Works Cited Page. The title must be at the center, and it is one inch from the page’s top. It is not surrounded by quotation marks nor italicized. Remember to have the first entry double-spaced line below the title. All the other entries must be presented in an alphabetical order. Additionally, the entries will contain the same details as those in the works cited. However, you must know that you should use a hanging indention when the information required by an entry is at least a line. According to the experts that work for our service, the annotation using this style is a brief description of the work. However, the length of those entries is according to the instructions of your professor. In all cases, they should have a uniform length. You should also start on that line following its entry. But then, you must indent only the 1st line 5 space, like a hanging indention.

There you have the ways on how to write a custom annotated bibliography per citation style. If you’re unsure which to use, ask your professor and confirm it. Now if you need help, you can buy annotated bibliography that offers you:

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