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Examples of a Bib Page

  • Book with one author or editor: Smith, John. The Martyr’s Oath: Apprenticeship of Homegrown Terrorist. New York: Wiley, 2006.

Smith, John, ed. Culture of Jews: New History. USA: Schocken, 2003.

Smith, John. Fatal Deception: Untold Stories of Asbestos: New York. N.p.: Thompson, 2004.

Note: N.p means no place of publication is indicated.

  • Book with two authors or editors: Bohlman, John K.. and Jane Smith. Legal and International Environment of Business. 6th ed. New York, USA, 2003.

Calvesi, John, and John Smith, eds. 600 Years of Art. USA: Rizzoli, 2000

  • Book with three authors or editors: Smith, John, may Stiner and Kian Thoms. Shadow Warriors: Special Forces. USA: Putnam, 2003.

Hewitt, John, Andrew Smith, and Lucia Thoms. Power of Focus for Students. Deerfield, Florida: Communications, 2006.

  • Book with more than 3 authors: Nelson, Smith K., Kian D. Baker, Romeo Thomson, and Lawrence James. Strong Men and Women Beat Arthritis. USA: Perigee, 2004.
  • Book with compilers or editors: McClay, James C., and John F. Matthews, comps. And eds. Compilation of Unusual, Outrageous, Witty and Infamous Judicial Opinions from 1246 A.D to Present. USA: Barnes, 1995.
  • Book with no author: Canada’s Century: Illustrated History of Events and People Shaping People’s Identity. Toronto: Me, 2000.
  • Article in an encyclopedia with no author: “Nazi party.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 1998 ed.
  • Article in an encyclopedia with an author: Smith, John D. “Dyslexia.” Encyclopedia. 2001 ed.
  • Article in journal, magazine, newsletter, periodical or newspaper with no author: “50 Years of Dust and Glory.” Mechanics Sept. 2002: 70-80.

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