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One of the most difficult things about the bibliography that you have to deal with is formatting, for one thing formatting changes frequently, with MLA bibliography format, APA format bibliography, and Harvard bibliography format as examples of the many different styles which can be used, and for each of these styles the format and requirements for your bibliography changes drastically. Whether you’re doing a bibliography APA format or bibliography MLA format you need to be sure you have all the details right, and one of the easier ways to do this is to see the principles and rules in action, so we’ve provided a bibliography example below.

How an Annotated Bibliography Is Created
  • search for relevant sources3 min / source
  • skim through the referencefrom 7 min / source
  • read info about the authorfrom 4 min / source
  • write an annotationfrom 6 min / source
  • format the referencefrom 2 min / source
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Bibliography Format Example

APA Format:

Graham, B. (1956). The intelligent investor. New York: Harper Collins.

This source discusses the different types of investing strategies that you can take, from long term to short term and from aggressive to conservative. It was effective in providing evidence for its proclamations and ultimately in providing sound analysis. This article was useful in helping me discover all the different types of investing, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each.

MLA Format:

Akam, Simon. “The Vagabond King.” The Vagabond King. Newstatesman, Feb. 2012. Web. 19 May 2013.

This article discusses the plight of a former President of Sierra Leone, Valentine Strasser, and his experiences after the war which helped him become a major player again. It was useful in providing me with a solid background of the man as well as giving me some personal details which I could use later.

Use Our Sample Annotated Bibliography to Pick up on the Principles of Bibliography Writing!

proper bibliography format


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