There are many types of bibliography that you are likely to come across as you read different literary works. A bibliography is basically a detailed listing of sources that you have used as a reference in the process of researching your own work. Most of you, therefore, must have handled an enumerative bibliography before but thought of it as just bibliography. The meaning can be interpreted quite literally from the words that make up the term.

An enumerative bibliography for books can be described as a list of literary works that are based on a particular subject matter or field of study. An enumerative bibliography is the most common bibliography type in research writing and it basically the list of sources that most authors put at the end of a piece of writing so that any reader can be able to know where cited information was sourced from. Most of the bibliographies most people handle are enumerative bibliographies. The bibliographies range from “works cited” lists which appear at the end of books and articles to complete and independent publications.

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How to Write an Enumerative Bibliography on Your Own

There are several important guidelines that you are supposed to put into consideration if you want to come up with an exemplary bibliography while writing it on your own. Our enumerative bibliography example has all these well depicted. Some of those guidelines are listed below:

  • enumerative bibliography exampleNote down the full title, author, place of publication, publisher as well as the date of publication for each source. This applies for an entry of a book in a bibliography.
  • For an entry of a journal or periodical article, elements contained in the bibliography include the creator, article title, journal title, volume, pages as well as date of publication.
  • There are a set of common abbreviations that are used in place of full names in the documentation of bibliographies.
  • Make sure you list the sources cited in alphabetical order using the author’s last name. In the case where the source has more than one author, alphabetize using the first one.
  • If the author of a document is not given, begin the reference with the title of the document.
  • Page numbers should be included to indicate where the citation is extracted from exactly. This is particularly significant where your sources are part of multi-source volumes.
  • For a case where no date is given you should indicate (n.d.).
  • Publication titles must either be italicized or underlined or both. You could also indicate the names and locations of the companies that published your copies of the sources though this is not mandatory.

APSA citation style requirements and advice are here!

Expert Advice on How to Write an Enumerative Bibliography

Our experts have dealt with all types of bibliographies in detail and they will provide you with relevant advice on how to go about writing an enumerative bibliography. The first step of writing a perfect bibliography is knowing what exactly it is and what it constitutes.

This particular bibliography type is based on a unifying principle such as a creator, subject, date, topic or another characteristic. An entry in an enumerative bibliography provides the core elements of a text resource including a title, creator, publication date, and place of publication.

How We Can Help You with Your Enumerative Bibliography

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