Ghazali, A. S. (2008). Islam & Muslims in the Post-9/11 America. California: Eagle Enterprises.
This book talks about the state of Islam and Muslims in America after the bombing of the World Trade Center in 2001. It covers important topics pertinent to sociological studies such as the bad effects of stereotyping, institutionalized profiling, and Islamophobia. This book also provides information on the challenges faced by the Muslims in America after the 9/11 incident such as modern day inquisition. One of the key issues in the book is the definition of Islam and who are the Muslims. There are a lot of details provided by the book that can serve as background for more future studies. It is a very important article for the globalization research project in sociology because it provides a lot of information about post 9/11 challenges faced by Muslims who are stereotyped based on religion.
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As seen from the short annotated bibliography sample above, an APA style annotated bibliography must include the author, year of publication, title of the article or book, place of publication, and publisher. Regarding the contents, the annotated bibliography must include information about the source, how is it related to the study, and a brief review.
Huntington, Samuel P. “The Clash of Civilizations.” Foreign Affairs (Summer 1993).
Samuel Huntington’s article is one of the most celebrated articles in Political Science for it provides relevant information regarding civilizations which exist today. Civilizations, according to the article, are not constrained in a geographical location and members of a certain civilization can determine what may happen to world politics across time. Huntington provides conflict theories with regards to civilizations and why such civilizations would clash. He also provides reasons why civilizations are the basic units to be onsidered in international politics. Furthermore, he identified civilizations and their relationships conflict-wise. It is an interesting and a very important article in understanding international politics. It is a great source of ideas for conflict theories and resolution within the discipline of Political Science and other fields of study.
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As seen from the short annotated bibliography sample above, an MLA style annotated bibliography must include the author, the article or book title, the journal name or publisher in case books are used, and the date of publication. There are other rules with regard to formatting under the MLA guidebook.
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