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Annotated Bib Example:

1. Acuna, R (1996). Anything but Mexican: Chicanos in Contemporary Los Angeles. New York: Verso.

It provides a detailed and focused perspective over the Chicana role on the workforce and academics through the usage of the historical available relevant documents. It includes possible relevant evidence over the contribution of the Chicanas with the Chicana/o movement all over Southwest history with listed examples from education, economy and politics. It has addressed significant social justice issues and listed responses from both Chicana/o and the Anglo populations too.

2. Acuna, R (2000). Occupied America: A History of Chicanos. New York: Longman

It described successfully the gender inequalities those are within the Chicano Movement and impact of the Chicana feminism over the entire progress of the 1970s social actions. This is a perfect comprehensive coverage for the Chicana/o history that comes along with a careful approach and examination and practical analysis of the available key events and players within the quest for the ethnic and gender equality. It is a comprehensive paper to mention more about the gender inequalities developed within the Chicano Movement.

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