oThe NLM citation style is used as a style guide for authors, editors as well as publishers who deal with work that relates to the field of medicine. NLM is an abbreviation for National Library of Medicine – Citing Medicine. Citing Medicine: Use our NLM citation maker to format bibliographic citations which apply for varied types of published and unpublished works.

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We have sample references that will guide you and that are really clear and easy to follow and learn from. The citation examples contained therein go a long way in making sure that you have an easy time formatting the references in NLM citation style. This citation style is unique and applicable only to this particular field, like IEEE bibliography maker style and you should make sure you follow all the guidelines that govern the style.

nlm citation style requirements

How to Write in NLM Citation Style?

There are some points to follow in using this particular citation style. The guidelines you are supposed to follow include such things as properly formatting a bibliography page, margins, orders as well as what to include in the source citations. Some of those NLM guidelines and features which conform to the medical references format are listed below:

  • Bibliography NLM Format sampleMake sure you begin the bibliography on a new page at the end of the essay

You should not place the references at the end of a page that contains part of the essay or any other information. It must be on a separate page at the end. It should be made distinct and should not be mixed up with any other information.

  • Number all the items in the reference list

Make sure you number all the items in order of how they appear in the text. This brings organization in the list.

  • Place the title “References” at the top of the page

You should not make the title bold, italicized or underline it. Instead, you should just capitalize the title and place it at the center of the page where it can be clearly seen.

  • Number all the reference pages

Make sure that you indicate number the pages right from where the bibliography begins to where it ends. This is important since it notifies the reader how many pages the reference spans.

  • Arrange the citations in alphabetical order.

The basis of the order is the author’s last name. You could also use initials for the other names of the author. For a source that does not have an author, you should arrange in alphabetical order according to the title of the work.

  • For in-text citations there should be a direct correlation to the sources listed at the end of a paper in the works cited page.

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Professional Advice on How to Format References in NLM Citation Style

Our experts are experienced in working with various bibliographies and they, therefore, have the satisfactory expertise to handle and format references in NLM citation style and in any other citation style as well. It is preferable that you first understand the citation style and then know the right format for writing the bibliography. The references in the bibliography should be as original as possible and should be completely free of plagiarism. Our NLM format generator takes care of all of these.

How We Can Help You Format References in NLM Citation Style

Our NLM citation generator is helpful to you in the case where you want to format references to perfection in NLM citation style. It is able to generate and put the references in the required form according to the set guidelines in NLM medical references format. The generator is quite fast and efficient and it will format references in the bibliography in a very short while then give you the output. You won’t need to revise or proofread the piece of work since it is free of all errors and flaws courtesy of the generator.

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