How to Make an Annotated Bibliography

When you are first learning how to make an annotated bibliography you will quickly realize that this is a task that you have to begin from the very start of your academic paper. Your research will require you to seek out many sources of information regarding your subject which could range from magazine articles and websites through to academic journals and books. These sources would be listed in your references or works cited section of your paper; however, in this case, it is your annotated bibliography. This differs from a standard list of references in that you have to provide a summary or an evaluation of the source that you have used, hence the term annotated.

how to make an annotated bibliography

Trying to create a summary of something that you may have read many months before can be very difficult, especially if during that time you have spent hundreds of hours digging other documents.

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Every writer of ours is a highly experienced researcher and writer perfectly able to gather relevant information and write it up in the specific format that is required for your annotated bibliography. With our staff you do not have to know how to make an annotated bibliography as they will take away all of the hard work and produce the excellent paper for you of the highest quality.

help creating an annotated bibliography

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