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Writing a Annotated Bibliography Topics for Psychology Paper

Some of you could have handled an annotated bibliography topic for psychology before but maybe they had no idea exactly what they were dealing with. This type of format is quite unique since it deals with a lot more than what a basic deals with.

An annotated bibliography psychology topics basically contain comments made by the author of the published work concerning the scope, usefulness or other features of the works listed. With annotated bibliography psychology comes into play since you will be expected to make additional comments beyond the normal referencing. In most cases, it appears at the end of a report, book or essay. It makes a listing of works cited in the text.

How to Write a Psychology Annotated Bibliography Tips

Check out some important tips that could go a long way in assisting you to come up with a psychology annotated bibliography on your own. Some of those important tips are listed below:

  • Use of up-to-date sources

When dealing with particular areas of study especially sciences make sure that you refer to the most recent sources. This is because they are regular changes and revisions that occur when new theories and findings, which often supersede older ones, are published.

  • In brief outline the writer’s background.

The level of expertise, as well as a respect to the topic, should be determined.

  • Describe the methods and arguments used

You should describe how the author arrived at their conclusions. This entails the method they used as well as the basis of the arguments and the decisions made.

  • State the contribution to the research question

This involves explaining exactly how the source is relevant to the assignment or topic at hand. This should answer the question of whether the source redirects the question of whether it adds to the conclusions.

  • Make appropriate citation of sources

You should follow the citation style guidelines according to the citation style you have been asked to adopt. There are many citation styles yet all of them conform to the order of listing sources alphabetically by each author’s last name.

  • Highlight the content

You should provide a short outline of the topic covered by your source. This is crucial since it gives a rough idea of what is communicated by the annotation.

  • Thesis

Identify the author’s position as well as the central argument and in case there are any perceived biases do not forget to mention them. You should also provide an explanation of how the cited works illuminate your topic.

  • Evaluation and criticism

Evaluate some strong and weak points in the thesis, arguments raised up as well as the method used. It is advisable to indicate why the source used as a reference is considered good and credible. Indicate what has been left out by that particular source. Compare your work with another that you have cited.

  • Comment on the intended audience

You could comment on the nature of the intended audience and how it impacts them.

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Advice on How to Write Your Bib Chapter

Our experts have worked on bibliographies over many years so you can trust them to come up with credible advice. Make sure that you indent all your text and this will include the write-up beneath the citation and the significance of this is so that the author’s last name is the only text that is flush left. According to the experts, it is advisable to know what this particular type is and then write it in the right format for conformity purposes. If you still in doubt about how to make this, feel free to ask our professionals for help 24/7.

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