Why Use LaTeX for Your Annotated Bibliography

LaTeX is a document preparation system that allows you to produce high quality professional looking documents, typically within the fields of Mathematics or Science. One of its strengths is its ability to create great looking scientific and mathematical formulas for your documents. The software takes on all of the formatting requirements for your pages.

Understanding how LaTeX works and how you can use it like a bibliography annotation maker is not easy. Looking at a LaTeX annotated bibliography example that has been produced from the system will give you a lot of ideas as to how yours should be detailed within it to get the correct style of output. This is very important as incorrectly formatted work will often simply be rejected.

how to make latex annoted bib

LaTeX is not an academic style in itself, it allows you to format your paper in whatever style you need such as Chicago through to APA or IEEE. To achieve this you will need to use the correct LaTex annotated bibliography LaTeX template. You also need to ensure that you collect all of the information that you need correctly in the first place when doing your research.

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Getting Your Bibliography Data Collected

To create anything within LaTeX you need to ensure that you start with the right information. This means you have to prepare before you even start your research so that you know just what information you will be collecting to input into the system.

The following tips will help you to prepare for writing your annotated bibliography:

  • LATEX Annotated Bibliography ExampleFully understand just what particular style of academic writing you need to produce your work in so that you can collect the right information for your citation such as publication name, dates, authors, and page numbers, etc.
  • Use reliable sources of information for your research. If you use the internet make use of scholarly search engines and look at educational and government hosted sites. The library will allow you to access research papers, journals and other literature in your field.
  • Have a clear understanding of the style of annotation that you need to write. Clarify with your supervisor the expected length of annotation and what information it will need to contain. This can vary considerably depending on the aims of your bib.
  • For an annotation that only summarizes the sources you will need to cover:
    • What the main argument of the source is
    • The methods that were employed for their research
    • The findings that they made
  • For a full evaluation of the source literature you will need to consider:
    • Its relevance to your own research
    • The authority of the writers of the piece
    • The audience that it was written for
    • Whether there was any bias involved within the writing
    • The accuracy of the work and any flaws
    • Comparison between this work and other sources that you are citing
  • Write your annotation while the information is fresh in your mind so that you record it accurately.
  • Proofread your work very carefully so that you avoid submitting anything containing errors.

Remember it is very important to make sure that you fully understand what will make up your annotation when you place it beneath the citation.

As Excelsior College reminds us:

“In most annotated bibliographies, your summary, analysis, and evaluation for each source become the body of your annotation for that source. Some annotated bibliographies may not require all three of these elements, but most will. Be sure to consult your professor and ask questions if you’re unsure about the required elements within each entry of your annotated bibliography.”

Example of How to Use LaTeX for Your Citation Within Your Bib

The following is an example of how you would create a citation within your bibliography in annotated bibliography LaTeX:

author = "Max Middle and Earnest End",
title = "Baking a Black Bird Pie",
booktitle = "Proceedings of the Red Queen’s Kitchen",
pages = "68-71",
publisher = "Ladybird",
year = 1955,
\usepackage[numbers]{natbib} % omit 'numbers' option if authoryear-style citation callouts are needed
\bibliographystyle{chicago} % bibliography style
According to \cite{xyz}, \ldots
\bibliography{references} % bib entries are in 'references.bib'
This would output:
Max Middle and Earnest End (1955). Baking a Black Bird Pie. Proceedings of the Red Queen’s Kitchen, pp. 68-71. Ladybird.

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