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Always invest time and expertise in order to ensure quality formatting of your references as to avoid any form of plagiarism. Keep in mind that plagiarism is not limited to direct copying of words but also of ideas and insights.

To further understand how Harvard format bibliography works, here are samples of well formatted bibliography:

  1. The Godfather (1972) Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. [DVD] U.S.A.: Paramount Pictures.
  2. Ahmed, Nazia (2000) To what Extent Will Design Managers Have to Take into Account the Understanding of Brands in E-Commerce? [B.A. Dissertation] Surrey Institute of Art & Design.
  3. Berger, John (1972) Ways of Seeing. London: Penguin.
  4. Kirkham, P. (1987) Interior Design In: Conway. ed. Design History: A Students’ Handbook. London: Routledge.
  5. Simpson, Sara (2009) [Interview by email, 24 February 2009]

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When it comes to formatting your paper, you should observe the guidelines as to maximize the efficiency of your papers. Whether you are writing your doctoral dissertations, research paper or essays, it is crucial that you comply with the instructions in terms of formatting as this enables you to offer your readers cohesiveness. Do not worry if you are having problems with using Harvard format bibliography as there are generators and makers available online that allows you to enjoy quick and hassle free format help. Moreover, you may learn more about Oxford bibliography format or AMA bibliography format on our site.

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