Oxford Style Bibliography: Quick Guide to Proper Citation

Whether you are writing your dissertation or other research paper, it is important that you adhere to top standards. Make sure that you understand the guidelines from your paper to citing your references. The most common causes of plagiarism is not being able to properly citing their sources which is why you should take the time to ensure that your papers are well referenced. There is a difference between bibliography, reference list and annotated bibliography. By understanding how Oxford style bibliography works, you can definitely guarantee the quality of your paper.

How an Annotated Bibliography Is Created
  • search for relevant sources3 min / source
  • skim through the referencefrom 7 min / source
  • read info about the authorfrom 4 min / source
  • write an annotationfrom 6 min / source
  • format the referencefrom 2 min / source
Are you sure you want to waste over 20 minutes of your life on bibliography?

Samples of Citations Using Oxford Bibliography Format

In using Oxford style bibliography, the full details for each citation or reference is then listed at the end of your essay or assignment. Here are samples of citations using Oxford style bibliography:

Book: Single Author

Ratnagar, S., Trading Encounters: From the Euphrates to the Indus in the Bronze Age, New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2004.

Journal Article: single author (print)

Mintz, S., ‘Food Enigmas, Colonial and Postcolonial’, Gastronomica, vol. 10, no. 1, 2010, p. 149.

Newspaper article: print

Boyd, R., ‘The City of Sordid Splendour’, Australian, 26 August 1964, p. 10.]


Dibble, B., and Milech, B., ‘Elizabeth Jolley Research Collection’, http://john.curtin.edu.au/jolley/index.html, 2008, (accessed 1 August 2010).

Film or broadcast

The Red Badge of Courage, dir. Huston, J., USA, MGM, 1951, [videocassette].

Get Expert Help in Using Oxford Style Bibliography

The most common guidelines with Oxford style bibliography is that references are listed in alphabetical order by authors surname. Use only the initials of the authors’ given names. Use full stops and no spaces between the initials. To know more, there are professional services online that can provide you quick help on how to comply with the guidelines of Oxford bibliography format or Vancouver style of writing bibliography. Make it easier on your part and simply avail professional help online to ensure the quality and accuracy of your bibliography!