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What Are the Main Specifics of AMA Annotated Bibliography for Research

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What Is AMA Annotated Bibliography in Essence?

In the process of research writing, you concentrate on the writing itself, and details like formatting or annotated bibliography are usually left out of sight. However, they are important to ensure the high quality of the text and to make the whole paper look neat. Also, it may seem easy and fast. However, formatting annotated bibliography using AMA website citation or book citation is a long process. So, don’t underestimate it and get ready to pass this stage with the same responsibility as writing.

ama annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography AMA citation style is a type of Vancouver formatting style and is usually used in the medical field. The style was developed by American Medical Association to cite sources for health science research. It is a number of requirements and developed standards regarding annotated bibliography that is a part of students’ research papers. It sets the sequence of the author’s mentions and requirements to the format, we will discuss them below, but first, there is another question.

Why Annotated Bibliography AMA Is Needed?

The purpose of the bibliography AMA is to show the scientific basis of your research paper. You have to choose sources with all responsibility, as they form the information you propose to the audience. When choosing any printed or online source, make sure it is written by authoritative authors. You also have to pay attention to the relevance of the source and the value it gives to your study.

With the awareness of the importance of every source you include in the AMA bibliography, you have to start creating an annotated bibliography, as its main target is to reveal the importance and expedience of having this source as a part of your research. In several sentences, you have to explain why you assumed this source is valuable in writing.

Requirements Regarding AMA Website Citation to Make it Appropriate

When you understand the main purpose, it is easier to create AMA citation in your annotated bibliography, but you need to know all the requirements. Of course, they are different for printed editions and website content annotated. Sometimes students hesitate whether it is appropriate using in your AMA annotated bibliography online resources, but actually, it is acceptable. Still, the source, online or printed, has to meet some to be used in bibliography criteria, as to be valuable, to contain information about the author.

ama website citation

If you use AMA annotated bibliography style of website citing, you need to stick to the developed sequence that is different from the printed sources.

You have to indicate the last name, the first initial and middle initial of the author, and after that, the heading of the item cited. Next, in AMA annotated bibliography citing goes the name of the website, date published, date updated and date accessed. Do not forget to include the URL in AMA annotated bibliography and make sure it is still working. For more information, refer to AMA format quick guide.

Peculiarities of AMA Bibliography in Printed Literature

Originally AMA format bibliography included a lot of rules concerning different types of printed sources to be annotated, which is quite similar to the ALA format. Let’s see the main sequence and the differences among different sources of annotated bibliography.

Some specifics in annotated bibliography AMA in printed editions:

  • Journal’s name has o be abbreviated and italicized to contain the volume number.
  • Referring to certain pages of the book or a whole book demands different citations.
  • The chapter of a book is written in sentence case and the title of the book in title case.
  • Volume number is always written in Arabic numbers.
  • For the thesis and dissertations, indicate the type of the work after the title.

Considering all details may be tough sometimes, but you have to check thoroughly every letter to stick to the rules of AMA annotated sources.

In-Text Reference to Create AMA Citation of Sources

In-text citations in AMA style bibliography are different from similar formats. You don’t have to indicate the writer’s name and the year of publishing in the brackets. Instead of this, you have to put an Arabic number near the first mention of the concrete resource. If you mention it several times, you still have to use the same number assigned to the first mention in AMA annotated bibliography formatting. So you have to be careful, just like when composing annotated bibliography NHD.

In-text citation in the AMA annotated bibliography has its specifics, depending on the presence of one or multiple authors, unknown authors, or multiple types of research from one author annotated. There are far more different details that should be verified every time you cite any source in AMA annotated style in your annotated bibliography.

Formatting Requirements for AMA Format Bibliography in Research Paper

Each style is distinguished by its formatting requirements, and the Associations issue updated requirements in new editions. For example annotated bibliography AMA format in the last issue does not include information about specific font or spacing. Based on previous issues of AMA format requirements for AMA annotated bibliography, we can assume that they are the following:

Fonts used are clear as Times New Roman or Arial. Use the first for text and the last for charts.

  • Single-spacing in main body paragraphs and double between them.
  • Align the header should with the page number and be situated on the upper part of the page.
  • Margins are 1-inch on every side.
  • Numeration is according to that one in the text.

When using AMA paper citation, be sure to meet all the requirements of AMA annotated sources, as only in that case will you get positive marks for your research. Check thoroughly every word and every comma, as there isn’t any more or less important detail in AMA annotated bibliography formatting. The same applies to writing annotated bibliography APA.

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