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What Is Annotated Bibliography Turabian Style in General?

When conducting research, students usually focus only on completing this task. Everything is aimed to convey the main idea, define knowledge gaps, and answer the research question. However, following work on Turabian style annotated bibliography is a non-less critical stage. Here, you should reveal all the sources used and briefly describe each one. By completing this task, you present a scientific background of your research, which is important even if you won’t publish it. Plus, inappropriate formatting can impact the total grade if you make an annotated bibliography for academia.

Annotated bibliography Turabian format is usually used when writing about business, history, and fine arts. Having simplified publishing guidelines, this format also becomes very valuable for college and high school students. See the Turabian style quick-guide for more details.

The Two Systems of Annotated Bibliography Turabian Format to Use

You may need to choose from two citation styles when working with the Turabian annotated bibliography format. These are the Author-Date and Notes-Bibliography styles. It’s important to decide which type suits your work the most, as you can’t mix these types. If you are not sure about what option to use, check the assignment requirements or ask your professor.

The Author-Date style of the Turabian annotated bibliography is more familiar for the social, physical, and natural sciences. When you use this method, you must mention the resource’s name and add the author’s last name and the year of publication in the parentheses afterward. This makes searching for information much easier.

Notes-Bibliography style is often associated with humanitarian majors like history or art. Unlike the previous annotated bibliography Turabian format, you use footnotes instead of parentheses, providing complete information about the source after mentioning it.

Why Do I Need Turabian Annotated Bibliography Example to Do Well?

The simplest way to explore formatting style and learn how to use it is to have a good Turabian annotated bibliography example. Ensure only that it’s of the required style. Such examples greatly visualize writing guidelines and simplify the work overall.

When working with an annotated bibliography example Turabian, pay attention to its formatting.

  • The title is one inch centered from the top of the page without italicization or quotation marks.
  • The font is Times New Roman, pt.12.
  • The first line always begins at the left margin and has a hanging indentation.
  • There should also be double space between entries but a single space within them.
turabian annotated bibliography example

This way, you must cite all the sources used in your assignment. All descriptions in the annotated bibliography example Chicago Turabian style, should have less than 150 words. It’s not an abstract, so keep it brief.

If you make multiple-author references, write the surname after the author’s name in the first case and, on the contrary, for the next. Moreover, if you mention multiple-author resources, write all authors regardless of their number. These are the basic rules you need to know how to write an annotated bibliography Turabian style.

Diversities Between Annotated Bibliography Chicago Turabian Kinds

This format is almost equivalent to the Chicago style annotated bibliography, as these two types are based on the Chicago Manual of Style. Turabian style was found by Kate Turabian for the University of Chicago, so it has only one major difference from the standard Chicago formatting. Turabian is usually used to complete tasks for undergraduate research. The rules are made to format pieces that will not be published. Thus, Turabian is free of complicated publishing details.

Peculiarities of Turabian Annotated Bibliography Format You Must Know

Once you need to compose a work in Turabian annotated bibliography format, you must choose between Author-Date or Notes-Bibliography format. After that, select the resource category and specify it according to the type you decide to use.

It will be harder to arrange in-text citations using the Note-Bibliography annotated bibliography Chicago Turabian style because you will work with larger amounts of information, indicating author, title, page number, and publication details. Notice that there is no more “ibid” reduction in the Turabian method relating to the previous quotation.

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