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What Is APA Annotated Bibliography and How to Compose it?

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What Does Annotated Bibliography APA Format in Papers Mean?

When you write a paper, there always are requirements regarding formatting style. You may be required to use APA style for citing sources. In each document, it is crucial to show what authoritative studies were the basis for your paper and the APA style helps to arrange them. When using APA annotated bibliography, you need to follow the sequence developed by the American Psychological Association.

apa annotated bibliography

As you see in the example, annotated bibliography APA is a type of formatting your different sources in a certain sequence and format. Annotated bibliography in APA style is usually used for social sciences education sphere and is the most popular in psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The purpose of an APA annotated bibliography is to show that your writing is based on ground science research. Also, it is necessary to narrow the topic of your research to a theme that is interesting enough but also rather profound to be investigated.

Requirements Regarding APA Style Bibliography That Should Be Met

The rules of annotated bibliography APA format concern different details of the appearance of the research paper you present. Every detail matters. For example, margins in annotated bibliography APA should be 1 inch on every side. Each page number of the annotated bibliography should be on the right side, half an inch down the top of the page. The annotation should be indented 5 spaces. Also, you should not experiment with the fonts, so choose the clearest one – Times New Roman.

It is crucial to stick to every detail of annotated bibliography APA format, to make the whole paper look neat. Writing has to be of the 12 font size and double-spaced. Only if complying with all the rules can you say that your annotated bibliography is in APA style. In case you miss any of the points, don’t think it won’t be seen. Professors are accustomed to the specific annotated bibliography format, and against the background of other students’ papers, differences will be seen.

Tips on How to Write an APA Bibliography for Your Paper Correctly

In creating an APA style bibliography, keep in mind that you should mention authors in writing in alphabetical order. Then you have to correctly write the source, not missing and not changing places. It is important, as professors need to see in your writing, a reference to existing research. In case you write the source in the APA annotated bibliography improperly, it will be impossible to find the source.

So, how to write an APA bibliography to ensure a high level of your research? You have to remember the formula, first goes the author’s last name, then the first initial and middle initial, if available. In the brackets, you have to write a publication year. Keep in mind that it can be different from the year the source was first ever published after writing the full title of the book or article in italics and the name of the publisher.

After the source is written, you have to understand what you want to describe in the following annotated source or article. Depending on the type of your rhetoric, you can sum up the information provided in the source, evaluate it or reflect on the knowledge you gained and then have it annotated. When you write a bibliography APA style, be sure your resource is authoritative, provides necessary information for your research, and it has indispensable value to your annotated writing.

Most Successful Annotated Bibliography Example APA to Guide You

In order to write bibliography APA format correctly, you can use examples you find online. But be sure they are well composed and do not contain mistakes themselves. In case you find an inappropriate APA annotated example, you will only repeat mistakes and get an unsatisfactory mark. To be sure the example of the APA annotated bibliography is quality, search on the verified sites.

If you perceive information visually, you do well in an annotated bibliography example APA, to compare with your writing. Looking at an example, you see clearly what blocks should be included in the APA annotated bibliography and what are main parts of it are. It helps not only to write appropriate parts to your APA annotated writing but also to miss what should be missed. Examples of the annotated bibliography usually graphically describe the requirements, so it’s easier to check after you finish formatting your writing.

annotated bibliography example apa

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