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Find Out Details of ASA in Text Citation to Arrange Bibliography

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What Does ASA Style Citation Stand for in Student’s Research?

The rules of ASA in text citation for bibliography were developed by English American Sociology Association to format research papers in the field of sociology. Similarly to other known formatting styles, ASA has its requirements for citation regarding footnotes, content formatting, and bibliography arrangement. In fact, ASA style citation is not more complicated or easier than other similar bibliography styles. It only has its rules.

If you wonder why it’s necessary to make ASA bibliography citations, we can tell you that there are two main purposes of citation bibliography. The first one is to make all the works of the students look the same to make it easier for professors to review your paper. The other reason for ASA bibliography citation need is to show the scientific basis of your paper that proves or refutes the thesis you make. Depending on the aim of the research ASA bibliography citation will show the depth of your theme and your profound knowledge.

Requirements to ASA Bibliography Citation Developed by Association

Depending on the source and its type, there are different details to take into account in the ASA bibliography citation you should do. For example, the ASA citation website has to include a working link to the page you used, no matter whether the source is written on the online platform or printed and only accessed via the Internet. You can freely use electronic resources in ASA bibliography citation, even social media are acceptable, but they should not be present in the reference section.

When you start citation of ASA annotated bibliography to determine the right formula of citation, consider the following parameters:

  • Printed or online resource.
  • Single publication or periodic issue.
  • One author or several, and how many of them?
  • You have already used the work from the same author, or it’s the only source.
  • It is a whole book or its part.

When using ASA style bibliography citation, be sure to take into account all the details. Only by paying maximum attention to every comma and every letter can you receive the correct ASA bibliography citation for your research paper.

Correct Formatting in ASA Annotated Bibliography Section

The main rules of ASA format annotated bibliography are similar to those in APA, but still, there are many differences. The bibliography is contained at the end of the paper with the corresponding title. There should be used alphabetical order in ASA citation bibliography and double space between them.

Some particular details in ASA format bibliography citation to consider:

  • Don’t miss the full name of every author. In the ASA bibliography citation is appropriate to use just “et al.”
  • You cannot miss mentioning the surname of the author even if it was already mentioned, do it every time.
  • If using several sources from the same author, arrange them in chronological sequence, from old to new.
  • Works of the authors that were written both solely and in co-authorship can omit the chronological order, but first should be cited own author’s works.
  • In case you include several works from the same author issued in one year, distinguish them with letters.

There are different small details that are really important in bibliography citation, and it’s just impossible to memorize them all. So while doing ASA bibliography citation, be sure to review every citation and the rule of its formatting.

Recommendations on How to Do ASA Citation in the Text

There are several ways how to do ASA citation, one of them is a direct citation. You just take the exact phrases from the original resource and put them into your paper. You have to put quotation marks at the beginning and the end of the quotation. After that, in the brackets, you write the surname of the author, year of publication and the exact page.

asa in text citation

You can also paraphrase the idea contained in the source, and in this case, there is no need to put the exact page in the brackets. Also, if you have already mentioned the surname of the author in the brackets once, you can use it in the text. In this case, you have to put only the year of the publication in the brackets.

If you have to understand how to write an annotated bibliography ASA, just find the scheme and follow it. It may be too hard to remember all types of an ASA bibliography citation, so you don’t have to memorize them. The important detail here is to italicize the title of the source and write it in the title case. If you use an article or a chapter of a book as a source in the ASA bibliography citation, then you don’t have to italicize the heading.

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