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Ultimate Cliche Definition

What is a cliché? A generally accepted cliche definition refers to trite sentences or phrases which lack originality and make writing less impactful. As such platitudinous expressions don’t add any relevant information to your text, you can safely omit them without degrading its quality. Moreover, a lack of cliches is considered to be one of the indicators of excellent writing. It means a writer can avoid phrases that no longer have their original meaning.

Even experienced writers may overlook some cliches in their text, which may result in getting a lower grade. English is full of idiomatic phrases which have a meaning that is different from a literal one. There was a time when they sounded fresh and new, but now they are so common that it might be a daunting task to weed out all the cliches from your text without professional help.

So, what does cliche mean? It indicates you didn’t put enough effort into writing your text. People resort to using such expressions when they feel they may fail to meet a deadline. They add wordy irrelevant sentences hoping to meet the word limit and avoid getting penalized.

We are so used to cliches that we fail to detect them in writing. The sentence “It’s just a matter of time” is no less cliche than the phrase “a half-baked idea.” Such cliches take the attention away from the main point that you want to bring across. This is why our professional writers avoid cliches using them when writing texts with an easy-to-grasp meaning.

What Does Cliche Mean and How We Can Help

When you submit your essay writing, a cliche in it would mean you have subpar academic writing skills. Your professor may consider you hardly proficient in writing, which may impact your score badly. For a tutor, various cliche examples in your text indicate that:

  • Your main points are not original, and you don’t have a strong development of your argument.
  • You resort to generalizations instead of focusing on a specific task at hand.
  • By using vague expressions, you are trying to mask your inability to find pieces of evidence.

The experienced team can avoid a cliche in writing. It could send you plagiarism-free text without any vague impressions. Get in touch with our writers and get a professionally written text which meets all your requirements.

To ensure the full satisfaction of the clients, we don’t rely on templates when writing ordered texts without cliches. Whether you need to get article writing, lab report writing, essay writing, review writing, or another type of writing, we will write it from scratch to ensure the writing is fully unique.

Many people are wondering: “What is cliche, and how to avoid it during writing?” Outsource the task of writing your text to a team of seasoned professionals and get a fully original text within a set deadline. We will use authoritative sources for writing to support the main arguments and prove your point. In addition, we can also check the text you have written to ensure that it is free of cliche phrases and meets formatting requirements.

Use Cliche Examples to Improve the Quality of Your Text

Writing which is riddled with cliches will ruin your chances of getting a high grade. By avoiding commonly used phrases, our writers write essays with impactful introductions and conclusions. Many students want to know: “What is an example of cliche?” For instance, the team doesn’t use the following phrases:

  • “Throughout history” – instead of specifying the period, some writers resort to generalization.
  • “In modern society,” – it’s better to indicate a specific group instead.
  • “An uphill battle” – we recommend writing why an endeavor was unsuccessful.

The database includes thousands of widely used cliches, which allows the writers to detect them easily. If you worry about writing cliches, get in touch with the team by clicking the “Order now” button. We will help you to score higher by avoiding such plain, and boring phrases as “silver lining” and “opposites attract.” Thanks to the professional assistance of trusted service, you can excel at academic writing easily. So you shouldn’t be worried about questions like “Can you write my annotated bibliography and check cliché in my paper?”

Examples of Common Writing Cliches

If you are looking for another example of cliche to avoid at all costs, check out the phrases listed below:

  • Read between the lines.
  • A waste of time.
  • The time of my life.
  • Fit as a fiddle.
  • Frightened to death.
  • Gut-wrenching feeling.

All these cliches have one thing in common, namely, they don’t add any new information to a text. If you want to learn how to avoid cliches, the best thing you can do is to analyze your text and edit out all the phrases which have vague meanings. In case you don’t have time to do it, make sure to outsource this task to a trusted writing company.

How to Avoid Cliches Using Our Service

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We provide professional assistance for high-achievers who want to get texts with well-developed arguments written in clear and concise language and don’t know what does cliche mean for sure.

Many people are plagued by the question: “What is a cliche in writing?” There are so many phrases we use without putting too much thought into them. If you are struggling to understand how to improve the quality of your text, address our experienced team.

We refer to the most common cliche writing examples when working on our texts to ensure our clients will be fully satisfied with their orders. Our experts will use the right formatting and base arguments on trusted sources which will add authority to your claim. By avoiding phrases that lose their original meaning, we will help you score higher.

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