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What Is an MLA Annotated Bibliography? Not a Question to Us!

The Modern Language Association (MLA) established the MLA style to make citing in academic work easier and, above all, shorter. Instead of long footnotes, you use short references in the text. Only in the list of references do the complete references follow.

An annotated bibliography is a list of works that contains correct citations of all sources that you used in a project. While there are many styles to format these citations and annotated bibliographies, MLA is one of the most widespread of them. They often refer to it as the Works Cited list.

When you utilize the proper annotated bibliography in MLA format style, it’s easy to see the sources you explored and quickly identify them. This makes your research and writing more trustworthy.

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Writing an Annotated Bibliography MLA Format Without Mistakes

A conventional annotated bibliography contains basic information about the sources you used in your paper. You have the author’s name, title, and publishing date. It’s not always enough for the bibliography. An annotated citation can give a more thorough review.

Writing a paper in annotated bibliography format MLA makes you boost your expert level on the topic you research. Display your knowledge.

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Requirements for MLA Format Annotated Bibliography Followed

Before we get into the stages of writing an annotated bibliography MLA, there are a couple of formatting tips we always keep in mind.

In the last editions of MLA guidelines, there are no strict rules for annotated biographies. This allows for keeping all information concise.

Each annotation in the MLA annotated bibliography format should be no less than 100 and no more than 300 words.

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MLA Style Annotated Bibliography According to Recent Standards

Modern Language Association standards of citation do not stay the same forever. In fact, they undergo changes and updates over time, and it is useful to take a look every now and then. Even teachers are not always updated on these changes. So if you want to make sure you are up to date in terms of MLA standards and guidelines, just ask. Being one of the top annotated bibliography MLA websites, we will give you the information you need on any modifications indicated by the MLA standards.

MLA Format for Annotated Bibliography With No Element Missed

To make our work easier and more efficient, we developed a checklist to format the annotated citations properly. Here are the steps we normally follow to make your research paper bibliography look professional and to have the right MLA format for annotated bibliography that would guarantee your high grade.

#1 We start the Works Cited section on a separate page. This means that we create a page break between the body of your work and these annotated citations.

#2 We list all the sources in the MLA format annotated bibliography, including the images you used in your work.

#3 Each source has a full citation modeled according to Modern Language Association Guidelines.

#4 All citations are listed in alphabetical order.

#5 The section of the MLA formatted annotated bibliography must be marked as Works Cited and not otherwise.

#6 Font is 12 and Times New Roman if possible.

#7 Paper is double-spaced, and so are bibliography citations.

#8 Hanging indent: The first line of the quote in the annotated bibliography MLA format is not indented on the left. However, if the quote is longer than one line, subsequent lines are indented on the left.

#9 Paper has 1-inch left and right margins (although the last words of a quote may not go all the way to the right).

#10 Proper punctuation is used to separate the parts of a citation.

#11 Titles are properly capitalized. Italics are used to cite the names of major works, such as books and databases. But titles of articles are put in quotation marks.

#12 The latest version of Modern Language Association requires at least a shortened form of the URL. However, check with your teacher if they would like full permalinks.

#13 The list of sources isn’t numbered. We simply arrange the quotes in alphabetical order.

#14 We only choose reputable sources. If the project guidelines reject Wikipedia, we make sure we find a source that has been professionally edited instead.

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