What Is ALA Citation Format?

ALA Format is a certain style and way of editing the academic documents including research papers. The A.L.A. is an acronym of the America Library Association which is the origin of developing it. Editing of content by relying on is based on specific elements. Discover what advantages you may have, using a bibliography ALA format maker.

 Main ALA  Writing Format Requirements and Features

Once you think of edit any of the academic paper or reports by using ALA format citation, you must be familiar with these requirements:

  • Making standard-sized paper double spacing and all sides of 1” margins are important to do after writing the essay.
  • Make sure that the font style should be standard and easy to read. Times New Roman or Arial are the suggested choices.
  • The 12 pt size of the font is standard in ALA format essay.

Observe an example of document:

ala format works cited

Things That Distinguish Bib Style

The line spacing, font style, size, and other important elements actually give a different look to any document. It is quite similar to the APA of editing the academic reports.

Tips to Consider for Relying

  • A running head at the top left must be included on every page of the essay.
  • The double spacing is the most important element of ALA citation format. You can’t imagine editing any document without giving double spaces to the lines.
  • At the right, left, top and bottom sides of the essay, there should be uniform margins of at least one inch.

ala format website

The Sayings of Experts

The ALA writing format or style for editing of any academic document is quite easier to do. However, it is always advised to follow all the important instructions. You are supposed to write the text content in size that is more than 12 pt. secondly, the color of text should only be black. Never include a page number on the top right of the page. Keep the numbers on the right bottom side.

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