how to make a turabian style bibliography

Can an Annotated Bibliography Example Turabian Help You?

A list of all of the sources that you have used in your writing with an analysis of those sources called annotated bibliography. Your annotated bib must be written in a very precise style consistently if you want to get the desired results. A Turabian style annotated bibliography sample will often be the easiest way that you will find to see just how that should be achieved.

A Turabian style annotated bibliography sample will often be the easiest way that you will find to see just how that should be achieved. Samples are an excellent way to show you how the Turabian writing style should be applied within your writing if you want it to be formatted correctly. Poorly formatted work could easily be rejected outright. So it is important that fully understand the format that your subject and institution are asking for. You also need to know what is expected of you for your annotation.

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Whether you are writing a wider paper or your annotated bib is a standalone paper your supervisor will notify you on what you need to cover and what the expected length of your annotations within the Turabian bibliography example.

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How to Write the Best Turabian Style Annotated Bibliography

When you look at our Turabian style annotated bibliography example you will see that your citation needs to be organized and written in a very precise way. It must also be done consistently throughout. Ensure that you are totally organized when you do your research and take your notes. The following advice will help you with ensuring that you create your bib correctly:

Do your research correctly:

  • Flawless Turabian Style Annotated Bibliography SampleGather the right information for your citations such as author name, publication date, name of publication, the publisher, where it was published, etc.
  • Ensure that you have a clear and concise research question so that your research is focused and you know the types of literature and research that you are looking for.
  • If you use the internet to find sources use a reliable academic search engine rather than just Google. When accessing websites ensure that they are reliable sources such as educational and government based sites.
  • Use your library to be able to access past research, journals and other literature relevant to your search.
  • Make careful notes as you read and write your annotation at the earliest after so that you have the information fresh in your mind.

Write your annotation:

  • Understand the type of annotation and the length that your supervisor expects from you before you start your research and note collecting.
  • For a summary type of annotation you will have to cover all of the following:
    • What arguments the source has covered
    • What methods are used to reach their conclusions
    • What consequences they reached
  • For an evaluation of the sources that you have reviewed you should:
    • Show if the author is an authority within the area in which they are writing; have they written other works on this subject area?
    • Who is the intended audience for the work?
    • Is the work balanced of does the writer have a bias?
    • Have you identified any weaknesses or omissions within the research?
    • Where does the research fit within the overall research you are conducting?
    • How does it compare with the other sources that you have used?

The following advice from Skidmore college should be taken into account when writing your annotation:

“Use the vocabulary of the author, as much as possible, to convey the ideas and conclusions of the author. If you use a quotation excerpted from the work set it within quotation marks. Vary your sentence structure and try to avoid repetitive vacuous phrases in your annotations, such as, “The author states,” “This article concerns,” or “The purpose of this report is,” as well as sentences starting with “It was suggested that,” “It was found that,” and “It was reported that.””

Turabian Style Annotated Bibliography Example

Our Turabian annotated bibliography sample will show you the correct format that you should use for the citations made within your bibliography:

Citation for a Book:

Morrisy Mannly, Walking Your Way to Health (Detroit: Little, Grey, 1999), 55-60.

You will write your annotation indented below the citation.

Citation for a Printed Journal:

Robert Brown, “Can you breathe your way fit?,” Journal of fitness 10, no. 5 (June 1988): 171.

Write your annotation in the space below the citation.

For a Website:

Henry Gaggle. “Privacy Policy.” Gaggle Policies. Last modified June 23, 2014. Accessed January 23, 2017.

Your website evaluation annotation is placed here.

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