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Why Is an Annotated Bibliography Different to a List of References?

Your annotated bibliography is very different to your list of references, your references or works cited merely list the works that you have reviewed and possibly used within your academic paper. An annotated bibliography, on the other hand, requires that you not only list the works that you reviewed for your work but that you also write about each of them. The annotation is generally only short; never more than 150 words, but should either provide an assessment of the work or provide the reader with a brief summary. The requirements for the annotation are often independent of the academic format that is required for the paper and can be set by your tutor.

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Sometimes you may also be asked to produce an annotated bibliography topics paper rather than produce the bibliography as part of a wider paper. An annotated bibliography topics paper requires you to choose a subject and then research it fully taking notes and producing them as an annotated bibliography.

Choosing Topics for an Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography topic may be set or you may be expected to find your own topics for annotated bibliography work. The important thing is that you choose a subject that you can find articles, journals, books, papers and other works that discuss it in depth, often with differing viewpoints. This is probably why for instance global warming is so very popular when selecting topics for an annotated bibliography project.

There are a huge number of sources that can be easily found and a huge amount of disagreement that can be readily uncovered making for one of the more interesting annotated bibliography topic ideas.

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